Friday, April 15, 2011

The Unknown

Well, today Kylee has her medical team scratching their heads.  They are becoming slightly concerned because she is not tolerating being fed.  We spoke to the doctor a while ago and she expressed some minor concerns for Kylee's condition.  Apparently, she has thrown up the past several times they have fed her and there has been a greenish color to her vomit....which indicates bile.

This is really throwing the doctors for a loop because Kylee is very active, has good color, and being referred to as "feisty" by everyone.  The team is planning to watch her for the night and see what happens with feeding her in the future.  They are wanting to be cautious and observe her before performing more invasive tests to ensure those types of evaluations are necessary.

Hopefully the issues Kylee is experiencing are just due to her prematurity and that is not something the doctors have ruled out yet.  They are just wanting to be cautious as they aren't sure what exactly is going on with her digestive track.

More news as I get it.......

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