Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two Weeks and Counting

Today marks two weeks of life for Kylee and many positive things have happened in those two weeks.  Today, we found out that Kylee will be taken out of her incubator and put in an open air crib.  They will then monitor her to see how her body temperature responds to this non-temperature regulated environment.  If all goes well, she will stay in her crib for the duration of her stay in the hospital.  Also, we learned she is more or less ready to be moved to NICU II; however, they are doing some type of construction work in there and we should not be surprised if she doesn't get moved right away.

Last night was bath night for everyone in NICU and Kylee's nurse told us that she absolutely loved her bath time.  Apparently, right after bath time, Kylee fell right asleep!

Kylee is going to have her feeds alternated between a bottle and her tube as she hasn't quite mastered the whole swallowing thing just yet.  The doctors have also ordered a fortifier be added to the milk to increase the number of calories Kylee receives each time.  These additional calories will aid her in gaining weight and getting stronger.

Natalie will be visiting Kylee this evening and spend more time holding her.  Hopefully, Kylee will be in her big girl crib and we will be able to post pictures of this tomorrow.


  1. Wonderful news! God answers prayer!

    Nancy McMillan