Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 6 Update

Natalie and I just got back from visiting Kylee and we both spent some time holding her this evening.  Kylee's photo therapy has been reduced from three lights down to one.  They are considering taking her off of the lights completely tomorrow to see how her bilirubin levels react and then going from there.  As far as the magnesium sulfate levels go, they have stopped running tests for that because her levels are within an acceptable range.

Natalie asked what criteria Kylee has to meet before she will be able to come home and the nurses listed a few.  Kylee needs to be able to maintain her body temperature in a normal crib without assistance, feed successfully from a bottle without any problems, maintain high oxygen saturation levels while breathing on her own, and stop her bradycardic episodes.  They said that there aren't any minimum weight requirements or age; however, they always tell parents to shoot for their baby's due date....which in our case is May 28th.

Natalie and I both held Kylee for about 15-20 minutes each.  She opened her eyes for us a little and they appear to be a dark blue color.  She doesn't hold them open for very long and her eyes aren't too big to begin with...hahaha...but Natalie swears they are dark blue.

Kylee is also being fed mama's milk successfully and they are encouraged by her successful feedings!!!


  1. So happy to see her progressing so rapidly! :)
    I am sure she loves Mommy's and Daddy's visits!

  2. How wonderful all this is. I'm really glad Kylee is doing better and I know y'all are good hands. Stay informed and continue being good parents! :)