Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bottle Feeding Kylee

Today was a good day for us all around.  We went to visit Kylee this afternoon and needed to grab a bite to eat beforehand.  As we walked through the hospital to their "food court," I saw Dr. Jen Arnold getting off of an elevator and heading our direction.  Natalie and I have watched her reality TV show on occasion, The Little Couple, on TLC and know that she works with premature babies such as Kylee.  Natalie took the opportunity to say "hi" to Dr. Arnold and she was extremely friendly and personable, especially when she found out we had a child in NICU.  Needless to say...this was a Kodak moment......

After lunch it was time to go see Kylee.  When we arrived, we noted that Kylee wasn't wearing her original outfit from last night.  They told us that Kylee got a little to warm in it last night and it had to be removed.  Natalie of course apologized for this and the medical staff told us this was actually a good thing as Kylee is starting to gain better control of her body temperature.  Once Kylee can maintain her body temperature without assistance, she will graduate from the incubator to a crib.

Kylee's nurse told us that she is feeding like a champ and they are giving her milk from a bottle whenever she will take it.  They say that sometimes she is too tired and doesn't really have any interest in drinking from a bottle, so they just feed her through the tube.

While we were at the hospital, Natalie got the opportunity to feed Kylee with a bottle.  Natalie loved every minute of it and Kylee drank most of it before deciding she didn't want any more.  All of this successful eating has Kylee a whopping 4 pounds and 1 ounce now!

All is improving with Kylee and two doctors told us that she could be home within two weeks!!  Right now, Kylee is in the Level III NICU (the highest level) and they want to monitor her for a couple more days before transferring her to the Level II.

Natalie also took this opportunity to dress Kylee up in another little outfit for all to see........

More pictures on the picture website.

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  1. I wondered if you ever got a glimpse of Jennifer Arnold! That's fun.

    Congrats on the leaps and bounds your little gal is making. As we used to joke about our preemie, she "just needed to be on the grill a bit longer" so she was medium well instead of rare. :)