Monday, April 25, 2011

Breast Feeding

This weekend has been crazy with Kylee and has left little time for any kind of update.  This weekend marked many firsts for Kylee and she is steadily improving as we move along.

As of this posting, Kylee last weighed 4 pounds and 5 ounces....slowly packing on the ounces.  Kylee was officially moved into the Level II NICU this afternoon and the atmosphere in this area is extremely different from Level III.  It was also exciting because one of the babies only a few spaces away from Kylee was being sent home while we were there.  That was kind of the light at the end of the tunnel.

Easter Sunday brought Kylee's first attempt at breast feeding.  We weren't really sure of what to expect and the nurses did not really have high expectations for this first attempt.  They were more concerned with Natalie and Kylee getting into position and just relaxing there for some time.  Well, it didn't take long once everyone was in position, but Kylee figured out what to do and started trying to eat.  She has mastered the sucking part of it, but still hasn't quite mastered how to swallow.  After 30 or so minutes, they had to feed Kylee through her tube and she didn't want to quit trying to eat with mama.  The nurses were excited and encouraged as Kylee performed better than expected on her first go around.

Kylee is currently being fed using a pump that will deliver the milk at an extremely slow rate to aid her in digestion.  I held Kylee today while she was being fed and it took 45 minutes to give her the milk.  I don't recall the exact amount, but it wasn't a whole lot.

One of the doctors we spoke with today who will be treating Kylee said that they want her to not have any bradycardic or apneic episodes for about a week before they send her home.  Another vital thing is her eating.  When Kylee was breast feeding today, it appeared as if she would have rather been asleep than eating.  She would wake up, suck for a little bit, and then appear to become disinterested before starting the cycle again.

All in all, Kylee is doing well and continues to improve.  The doctor we talked with today told us to aim somewhere around her original due date (May 28) for her to come home; however, she seemed optimistic that it would be sooner than that and told us the only person who truly decides when Kylee is ready to come home is Kylee herself.

Kylee's first Easter dress

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