Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kylee's Homecoming

Yesterday marked the end of Kylee's 39-day stay in the hospital since her birth.  After Natalie got the final word from the doctor that she would be discharged, Natalie didn't waste any time waking me up to drive to the hospital.

Kylee was dressed in a coming home outfit that has been in her family for many years.  I'm not up on all the history of this outfit, but I know that Natalie was dressed in it when she came home from the hospital over 25 years ago.

After getting dressed to come home, we strapped her up in the car seat and began the journey into "the outside world."

After driving the 37 miles from the hospital to our house and setting a world land speed record of 30 miles per hour, Natalie and I just walked around in awe that we actually had her home.  Rather than taking the time to just sit and enjoy Kylee's company, I walked around the house feeling like I should have been doing something.  I never actually did anything, but I walked around feeling as if there was work to be done....hahaha.

We quickly discovered that Kylee is a fan of the nifty swing that we got for her.  We strapped her up and let her sleep until it was time to eat again.

Last night brought both sides of the family to the house to welcome Kylee home.  It was a rather informal event with lots of happy folks.  Shelby, my sister, had not gotten to see Kylee since....mmmmm....a day or two after she was born and last remembered her with tubes and wires and never got to hold her before having to return to school.

Well, Shelby finally got to hold Kylee and seemed to instantly enjoy the fact that she is an aunt.

Last night was....well....in a word.....rough.  It took us quite a while to figure out why Kylee did not want to sleep as she cried when put down.  We changed her diaper.  Still cried.  We shifted the bed around.  Still cried.  We tried the pacifier.  Still cried.  We let her cry figuring she would stop.  Still cried.  Finally, we decided to try and feed her even though it was still slightly early before her next feeding time.  She sucked the bottle down and fell asleep as soon as Natalie put her in the bed.  Problem solved....at least for a few hours....

Hopefully, tonight will go slightly smoother than last night as we are now experts at deciphering what she wants......hahahahaha......ya right.

I do know that tonight will bring the family over again for an official welcoming home party for Kylee.  I will try my hand at grilling, which is something I will likely be doing lots of in the future.....


  1. Glad she's home. And after about 4 months of so, you'll get about 4 hours straight of sleep. :) My babies were "babies" 29-33 years ago and I still remember the sleep deprivation. May the Force be with you.

  2. Brother, if I can grill, then you can.

  3. Oh Congratulations you guys!! Being parents is amazing and FYI you will NEVER always know why they are crying. Sometimes babies just cry. It's hard to listen but it gets better. =)

  4. I am so happy to hear that your little one is home, safe and sound. Your nights will get better, I promise! I'm living proof that you can survive these first few weeks. They will go by SO incredibly fast; enjoy every minute (as if you need to be told that). Sounds like you guys are doing a great job.
    She is beautiful and will be (as I'm sure she is already) the light of your life. What wonderful blessings our Father bestows on us!