Friday, May 27, 2011

Adjusting to Home

The past week has been an all out crazy time with Kylee.  We are starting to get things figured out and making our little routines.  There has definitely been a steep learning curve for both Natalie and I as we learn how to care for a newborn.  We are definitely glad to have her home and are constantly "winging it" when it comes to what we should do in certain situations.

We had a visit on Wednesday from Early Childhood Intervention Services, or ECI, and they assessed Kylee to see if she qualified for services.  ECI is a program funded by the State and they provide various services to the families of children who may be experiencing developmental delays, etc.  Kylee was automatically referred to this program for evaluation due to her prematurity and that took place Wednesday.

The evaluators looked at several areas and spent about 45 minutes with Kylee doing different things.  Based on their evaluation, they determined that Kylee does not qualify for services and is doing the things she should be doing for her adjusted age.  Kylee wasn't supposed to be born until tomorrow (5/28), so her age is adjusted to as if she were at birth.  While it may sound bad that she doesn't qualify, it is actually a good thing!!!

The only area that the evaluators expressed any concern was feeding.  They merely suggested that we try a "slow flow" nipple and try a technique called pacing to help Kylee eat more efficiently.

We are counting down the days until we can take Kylee out into the world.  Natalie and I are ready for everyone to meet her, yet we want her to be healthy and not get sick if we can avoid it.

It is quite apparent that Kylee is a little daddy's girl.  She could be screaming her head off and if daddy picks her up....she is calm within ten or fifteen seconds.  It amazes Natalie that I have this effect on her....and amazes me too...hahahaha.

I took Kylee and had her weighed earlier this afternoon.  We were somewhat concerned about her weight gain; however, she was 6 pounds 7 ounces and is continuing to gain weight.

We're excited to have Kylee home and will post more updates...and they become available!!!

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