Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just Add Baby

Well, I think Natalie and I are about as ready as we can be to bring Kylee home.  We have done our final shopping and bought those things that Natalie deemed as vital for us to have before bringing Kylee home.  All we need to do now is just add the baby and we'll be good to go.

Kylee's feeding tube was removed today for good and she has been taking all of her bottles in record time.  Kylee has gotten to a point where they are letting her drink as much as she wants, up to a certain point, as long as she takes a minimum amount.  Kylee's minimum amount is 48 cc's, but she has been taking up to 60 cc in one feed.

Unfortunately, we missed getting to speak with her doctor today, but are planning on being there earlier tomorrow.  As for any discharge date, we don't have one yet because Kylee hasn't been gaining any weight lately and has actually lost some.  They have boosted Kylee up to 24 calories per ounce feedings from 22 calories per ounce.  This doesn't seem like a drastic change; however, with small babies this makes quite a difference.

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