Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bottle by Bottle

Friday brought us one step closer to bringing Kylee home.  Natalie and I attended an infant CPR class and learned an important set of skills that we hope we'll never need to use for real.  After our class, we went to see Kylee and Natalie got to feed her a bottle at 3:00 PM.

Kylee took all of her bottle successfully and Natalie is starting to get the hang of feeding her.  Natalie used some tips and tricks that were passed along by an occupational therapist...whatever that is...and they seemed to work.  One of Kylee's doctors walked up as she was eating and told us that they have increased her to six bottles per day.  If Kylee takes all six bottles per day successfully, that is wonderful.  If she doesn't, well...she is at least getting the practice she needs.

Kylee's doctor seemed confident that we would be able to bring her home sometime next week if she continues to progress at her constant steady rate.  Only Kylee can decide when she wants to come home and we are hoping and praying that it is this coming up week.

Kylee now weighs 5 pounds 3 ounces and is developing quite the personality.  It is nice to see her awake for longer periods of time and more alert as well.  The bigger and stronger she gets, it is like she is turning more and more into a "baby" rather than a "preemie."

Natalie and I have been present at the hospital to see two or three babies get sent home and we're patiently waiting for our turn.....

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